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http://www.bombline.com accepts payment through Visa Credit Cards and Western Union.


Please ensure that the Billing information submitted to receive your credit card billing address. This address should be the same address, and your credit card company files. If you do not know the correct billing address details, please contact your credit card company. Billing and identity information submitted is accurate or will delay the shipment of your order. Your information is secured and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the account holder.

If my card was rejected when ordering, how can I do? If you receive a "denied" error message when you place an order, you must contact your bank. No control over these error messages from the bank's online authorization program submitted. There are many reasons to explain the "reject" message. Typically, a credit card online spending limit, and grant permission online transactions, you can contact your bank. The bank temporarily lifts this restriction, feel for your online viewing and for clearing.

ABOUT Western Union

Western Union is a global money transfer services, Western Union as a trusted symbol for more than 150 years, connecting friends around the world, families and businesses have stood the familiar signs.

When you send payment through Western Union, you need to
Receiver name:
Receive City:
Receive Country:
When you send the payment via Western Union, please send us an e-mail, including
The sender's name:
Payment Amount:
MTCN or control number (10):
After the order, we will provide you with the payee / beneficiary information.
Pay is just minutes away.
If this is the first time you send payment, Western Union will ask you if you know us, you need to answer "yes"!